According to a lawsuit, Eminem is staying true to the lyrics from his 2000 song “The Way I Am” [click to read]:

And I’m thankful for ev-ery fan that I get/But I can’t take a SHIT, in the bathroom/Without someone standin by it/No I won’t sign your autograph/You can call me an asshole I’m glad

According to the Detroit News, a Royal Oak man filed an assault and battery lawsuit on Thursday (July 3) against Em, alleging that he was sucker-punched by the rapper two years ago while standing at a urinal in an Eight Mile strip club in Detroit.

Miad Jarbou claims that the assault occurred on July 13, 2006 at Cheeta’s. He claims he noticed Eminem enter the restroom with a large man appearing to be a bodyguard.

Jarbou says he was with a friend when he said, “Hey Eminem, what’s up man?” The claim says that the bodyguard standing near the door told him to “Shut the (expletive) up, man! Don’t say another word.

Jarbou defended his friend, responding: “Hey, man, my friend ain’t starting trouble. It’s just cool to see Eminem.” According to Jarbou, Em proceed to step back from the urinal, and “without warning or provocation … drove his fist in a violent punching manner” into Jarbou’s face, knocking him to the ground. The complaint says that Em and his bodyguard left afterwards.

Jarbou’s claim says he has “undergone physical pain and suffering, emotional distress, ongoing
serious injuries requiring medical treatment
” and “embarrassment,
humiliation, medical expenses, wage loss and other economic and
” damages.

The complaint seeks $25,000.