Several civil rights activists and media watchdog groups are calling on Verizon Wireless and company CEO Lowell C. McAdam to drop its contract and distribution deal with Loren Feldman and 1938 Media for promoting stereotypes about African Americans.

1938’s president Loren Feldman—who is white—hosts and stars in a skit titled “TechNigga” on the company web site.

In the three minute long skit, Feldman wonders aloud about the lack of black technology bloggers on the Internet.

“I’d love to see the black tech crunch and get a different cultural view on technology, that would be unbelievable,” he says in the skit. “I wonder what that would be like.”

After the screen fades out, Feldman comes back draped in a wave cap and costume jewelry representing fictional site “”

He is later seen on camera drinking and discussing another fictional site, “”

“Feldman has a history of using the Internet to promote racism and demeaning and negative racial stereotypes against African Americans on his internet site,” Najee Ali of Project Islamic Hope said in a statement.

“Verizon CEO Lowell C. McAdam needs to demonstrate that Verizon understands they should demonstrate corporate responsibility and will not tolerate racism, or bigotry. The Verizon distribution deal with Feldman sends a horrible message that Verizon seeks to partner with racists like Feldman and that Verizon and CEO McAdam find nothing offensive with ‘TechNigga’,” he added.

Ali and Project Islamic Hope, The National Action Network, L.A. Humanity Foundation, Sister Tammy Lee of Sister Lee Media Group, and Industry Ears are also calling on people to contact Feldman concerning the deal with 1938.

He can be reached here.

A national day of protest is in the works if Verizon fails to take action and drop its deal with 1938.