Bushwick Bill, of Geto Boys fame is set to release Testimony of Redemption, billed as the southern emcee’s most shocking album to date.

Redemption will see Bill put his menacing Chucky alter ego to rest. Bill also made headlines when it was announced that he had converted to Christianity, and Biblical themes run high through the album.

“Well, it’s a new year with my past behind, No more playing tricks on my renewed mind, Geto Boys is the crew where I claimed my fame. Much respect to them, but I gotta push Christ’s name,” he raps on “Renewed Mind.”

In addition to the Bible inspired themes, Bill tackles misogyny and his past exploits. “I used to look at a woman with a “B” in front of the itch, but my mind had a glitch in it, got a Holy Spirit fix, then God put a stitch in it, away, then I became a man, and put away childish things,” he spits on “Praise of a Good Woman.”

Testimony of Redemption is slated for release later this year.