During the course of a career that spans over a decade, Tech N9ne has released no less than eight studio albums. Tech recently announced that his latest effort, Killer, would likely make him the first independent artist to SoundScan over 1 million albums [click to read]. So now, less than a week after Killer‘s release, why would Tech N9ne contemplate a life without rap? Age, family commitments and a perceived lack of respect factor in heavily.

“I’m 36 now, and I’ll be 37 on November 8,” Tech said, while speaking exclusively with HipHopDX. “No matter how I feel, it seems nobody gets the shit like they should be getting it. I get frustrated. I also get frustrated because I tour like a motherfucker, and I’m always away from my children. This is how I take care of them, but this always takes me away. I feel like I would love to just relax on an island with my motherfuckin’ kids and just kick it.”

Of course, much like some professional athletes and other emcees, quitting is easier said than done. In true Tech N9ne fashion, the man who has been a mainstay in Hip Hop for so long eventually relented.

“This is [just] how I feel at this moment,” says Tech. “In reality, of course, I’ve got six other artists coming out on [Strange Music]. I’m vice president, and I can sit back and watch them stack—you know what I’m sizzlin’?”

While a reduced role as the most prominent artist on Strange Music is not out of the question in the years to come, Tech N9ne sounds as if he has no immediate plans on hanging up his microphone.

“Why the fuck wouldn’t I say, ‘You know what? I’m done with this shit,'” Tech asks, almost rhetorically. “This fuckin’ shit will not permit me to do that. I have to reach my plateau. I have to tread every piece of this earth before I go, man. I shall do that, and it’s happening as I speak.”