Only a few days after performing as one of the headlining acts at
England’s Glastonbury Festival, rapper Jay-Z [click to read] is starting to reap the
benefits of his at times controversial performance chart wise.

Although it has been five years since The Black Album [click to read] was released
“99 Problems” is expected to break into the Top 25 Downloads bracket
for the mid-week UK single charts.

Also returning to the charts is “Encore” which broke into the Top 40.

Jay-Z along with coordinators of the festival received criticism
from Noel Gallagher [click to read], a member of the English rock band Oasis, for
choosing Jay-Z as a headlining act for what Gallagher considered to be
a guitar-driven event although groups such as The Roots, Cypress Hill,
and De La Soul have performed at the festival.

Come performance time, Jay-Z lyrically shot back at Gallagher and
other critics with his own rendition of Oasis‘ song “Wonderwall” and a
fiery performance of “99 Problems.”

Reported by Danielle Harling.