50 Cent, Angie Martinez and more in the Hip Hop world have reacted to Brittney Griner being sentenced to nine years in prison for her Russian drug case.

On Thursday (August 4), the imprisoned WNBA star was delivered her sentencing at a court outside Moscow, according to Bloomberg.

She faced a maximum of 10 years in prison for drug charges after the 31-year-old was arrested in February at a Moscow airport when officials claimed to find a vape containing cannabis oil in her luggage.



A number of members of the Hip Hop community have spoken out since the news broke, including 50 Cent who called the sentencing “wild” and alluded to it being based on politics.

“This is wild, smh you don’t ever want to get caught up in the politics,” the G-Unit rapper wrote on social media. “They are gonna tell her like 10 years for a vape pin watch.”

Hall of Fame radio host Angie Martinez chimed in, calling the decision “disgusting and fuckin infuriating.” She also called on the U.S. government to bring Griner home.

“BRING HER HOME,” Martinez said on Instagram. “9 years for oil in a vape pen?! this poor woman is a political pawn and it’s disgusting and fuckin infuriating!”

Meek Mill also responded to the news, tweeting: Free BG … let’s fight for her!!!!!!!”

Chuck D took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the sentencing, writing: “I’ve taken hundreds of artists personnel across the earth …number 1 message dont Fcuk with these govts on any sht.

“BG has been used & abused dangled by D-evils. Here NRA & image gangsters must know that the killing machines of War ain’t a movie.While all can only sit watch pray.”

The highly-publicized case has caused Americans to pressure the Biden Administration into making a deal with Russia to bring home the WNBA baller.

“I call on Russia to release her immediately,” President Biden reportedly said in response to the sentencing, which he deemed to be “unacceptable.”

The White House previously had been in negotiations with Russia in a prison swap to bring Griner home while freeing dangerous Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout. Russia is reportedly interested in making the deal, per Bloomberg.



Nicknamed the “Merchant of Death,” Bout is currently serving a 25-year sentence in America after being convicted of conspiracy to kill U.S. citizens and providing aid to a terrorist organization.

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