Following in the footsteps of former video vixen Karrine “Superhead” Steffans and Nas‘ ex-lover and mother of his child, Carmen Bryan, there’s another Hip Hop tell-all book on the horizon–this time focused on the dirty laundry of rapper/actor Mos Def.

Alana Wyatt-Smith, 29, a former stripper, video vixen (Snoop Dogg‘s “Drop It Like It’s Hot”) and grade seven-drop out from Toronto has penned Breaking the Code of Silence, a memoir of her 2005 marriage to Mos Def which apparently happened three days after they met, as well as encounters with various professional athletes and celebs, including Kanye West.

Wyatt-Smith recently told The Toronto Star would prefer to distance her book from that of Steffans and Bryan, insisting that it’s not an “exposé,” because she disguises the identities of the bulk of her lovers.

I disagree with putting names of people in there, just out of respect for their wives and children,” said Wyatt-Smith to The Toronto Star. “If this was about making money, getting rich, I could have wrote a tell-all book, 10 times better than Karrine Steffans. People want to know about the biggest names in the NBA, who proposed to who, and did what, and this and that; I could have put some stuff in there that would have made it a number one seller within days. I use nicknames, initials, that myself and the gentleman would know; the ones named I got permission from.

But apparently she neglects to extend this same respect of privacy to Mos Def whom she even goes as far as accusing he physically abused her.

In her book, Wyatt-Smith writes:

I don’t believe that his intent was to hurt me, I believe that he was trying to prove a point. But I had shared and cried with him many nights about my past (abusive) situation and I asked of him not to do that, because it brings back memories; so I found it to be more disrespectful, because he knew what I had been through.

Wyatt-Smith said she didn’t press charges after Mos Def‘s first abusive outburst because she didn’t “want to cause problems” thinking that the incident was “a first and last.

Wyatt-Smith also claims there were several attempts at reconciliation, but that Mos Def, who has six children with four different women, was too demanding and overprotective of her. They have not been together since October 2006, but despite a $115,000 financial settlement are not officially divorced.

He won’t sign the papers,” she told The Toronto Star. “He told my lawyer if he can’t have me, nobody else will.

Breaking the Code of Silence is in stores now.