Ma$e appears to have thrown more shade at Diddy while responding to claims made by Fivio Foreign that he signed the New York drill rapper to a shady business deal.

In a recent interview with Million Dollaz Worth of Game, Fivio claimed he was locked in a questionable contract with Ma$e’s RichFish Records which he signed for $5,000. He explained to hosts Gillie Da Kid and Wallo that his friend took him to Ma$e and pressured him into signing the deal.



“The n-gga that brought me to him, he was like, ‘Yo, man. Just sign that shit. You bugging,'” Fivio recalled. “I’m like, ‘Yeah, read it.’ He’s like, ‘Alright, just sign it. It’s good,’ so I just signed it. Advance was $5,000.”

He then accused the former Bad Boy Records rapper of trying to “fake explain” how the money would be divided but ultimately determined that he’s in a “better situation” now. “He gets what he gets, like, whatever he gets but I control all my money and shit like that,” Fivio explained.



Now, Ma$e looks set to respond to the claims as the next guest on Million Dollaz Worth of Game. In a teaser clip shared by Gillie ahead of Sunday’s (July 31) episode, he and Wallo appear to tease Ma$e about the $5,000 deal.

“$5,000, man,” Wallo says to Ma$e in the video while he sips on some water, before Gillie adds: “N-gga ain’t shit.”

The Harlem rapper then looks at the camera, smiles, and says: “Diddy 2.0,” before walking off-screen. Check out the video below:

Ma$e has been extremely vocal about his disdain for Diddy’s business practices over the years. In March, he dropped a single called “Oracle 2: The Liberation Of Mason Betha,” which was dedicated to trashing Diddy and accusing him of exploiting Biggie’s death.

More recently, Ma$e accused his former boss of sabotaging his set at this year’s Lovers & Friends festival in Las Vegas.

Numerous technical difficulties plagued the Harlem rapper’s set and after attempting to perform “Mo Money Mo Problem” — his 1997 hit with The Notorious B.I.G. and Diddy — the sound was cut off for roughly 10 minutes.



Ma$e soon suggested Diddy was behind the sabotage, telling the crowd: “I see what’s going on. I’m used to being hated on. I’m used to what’s going on. Somebody, somewhere paid a few dollars to stop my show. But that can’t stop somebody like me. I don’t get ran away too easy. I just wasn’t ready for that, so I’m gonna take my time.”

Taking it a step further, he called out Diddy by name, claiming the Bad Boy mogul was behind the difficulties he experienced during the show. “Thank you Puff, you know he paid for that right?” Ma$e told the crowd. “I got you n-gga. I heard you loud and clear.”

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Meanwhile, Diddy’s mother, Janice Combs, made it very clear in a recent Instagram Live how she feels about Ma$e.

Last Saturday (July 23), Diddy was in the middle of an Instagram Live video celebrating the 25th anniversary of his debut album No Way Out when his mother issued a warning in Ma$e’s direction.

“Shout out to the LOX, Ma$e, Biggie, Busta — I’m talking about everybody that’s on the … my mom said, ‘Ma$e?'” Diddy said on the livestream. “Yeah, we still love Ma$e. It’s always going to be love.” His mother then came into frame and muttered something along the lines of: “Don’t mess with my son.”