DaBaby‘s 2021 Miami Beach Police interrogation video has been released, showing the rapper being interviewed in relation to a shooting that left two injured.

The interrogation took place last June in South Beach after a shooting took place outside the restaurant Prime 112. DaBaby had been questioned by police but was eventually released and not charged with any crime.

The newly released footage shows the cops spoke with the North Carolina rapper (real name Jonathan Kirk) for about an hour. He was reportedly held in the same interrogation room for around 12 hours.



DaBaby can be seen in the video claiming adamantly he only shot in self-defense after two men attempted to steal his entourage’s vehicle and shoot him outside Prime 112. He also pushes back at the officers as they try to ask if he was carrying a weapon at the time of the shooting.

“It sound like y’all trying to incriminate me,” DaBaby is seen saying. “‘Did you know that you committed a crime?’ I did not commit no crime.”

Elsewhere in the lengthy exchange, DaBaby refused to sign his Miranda rights document out of fear that the language used might imply he’s a suspect. An officer is seen retrieving another document that DaBaby signs once the word “suspect” is replaced with “person.”

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He continued by saying things started to feel off when he noticed multiple white trucks parked out front of Prime 112 as they were exiting the restaurant. DaBaby went on to say the aggressors whipped up and tried to “hit” a friend of his with their truck. Once DaBaby saw what was happening, he tried to get back into his SUV and doing so claimed he saw the aggressors were armed. That’s when he fired off the shots.

“They pointed the gun at me, this Hispanic dude,” DaBaby said. “How would I know [why they did it?] I ain’t telling y’all nothing. I ain’t gonna repeat myself like a suspect. I got a great lawyer…so I’m telling y’all my side of the story so I can take my ass home.”

According to Page Six at the time, DaBaby and his entourage were “traveling in around six SUVs” when a car pulled up to them and opened their doors and “hit each other.” From there, the groups got into a heated discussion that ultimately led to the shooting. DaBaby “fired off one round” and his artist Wisdom Akornuche Awute was even charged with attempted first-degree murder as well as aggravated assault with a firearm for the incident.

The video arrives mere days after DaBaby opened up about another shooting he was involved in involving a home intruder earlier in 2022. During his time on the Full Send podcast, DaBaby said a man snuck onto his $2.3 million estate in Troutman, and that he shot him in the leg after he saw him hiding behind a wall with a hoodie on.

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“They didn’t break into my house; they jumped a fence,” he explained. “They had a hoodie on and was, like, knelt down behind a wall and some more shit … I was actually in the studio putting together the tracklist for the album.

“I got a call from somebody that was outside working, like my contractor. I got a call from him and he was like, ‘Somebody’s on the football field.’ It was just the way he was talking, like, ‘Come outside.’”

He added that “the threat was neutralized.”



“Once the situation was under control enough,” DaBaby continued, “For me to even be able to process, like, ’cause at first, I don’t know what’s going on. I wouldn’t expect nobody to jump a fence at my house. It’s clearly posted all over the place, ‘No trespassing.’

“[It felt like] ill intent. All the way until they get there and get this dude up out of there, I walk my property and see what’s up, see where he came in at. We get everything figured out. Yet to me, I still can’t trust what’s going on with that situation. You still don’t know why exactly they were there. But you know, the guy made it out good, he’s ok.”