DXnext alumni Pacific Division [click to read] have signed with Universal Records earlier this month. Although the label has yet to issue a formal statement on the agreement, the Palmdale, California trio commented on their reaction to the opportunity to HipHopDX.

The deal is a good relief factor for us,” said Like. “It lets us know we have been
doing the right thing…hard work pays off at the end of the day, and
our day isn’t over, it’s just begun. The name of the album to look
forward to is
Grown Kid Syndrome. No other details to the album as of
now, but we will be realeasing two mini projects before that, one
Summer League Tryouts and the other is called Role Players.” BeYoung added, “The deal we received was an exceptional one and the
attention and respect we’ll be getting from the label is definitely a
plus in this.
” The third member of the trio, Mibbs, closed in saying, “I feel good about signing because I can perform on a platform that can
help us gain recognition to the world on a much faster pace than on our

Pacific Division has previously released the Sealed For Freshness Blend Tape, and garnered buzz from their videos, including “Fat Boys” and “Women Problems” [click to view]. The group has also received endorsements from ?uestlove, Snoop Dogg and Pharrell.