Apparently, the hook to “A Millie” wasn’t just a bridge between Lil Wayne’s verses.

Reports with MTV and Billboard, and a video blog from Wayne himself [watch here] have confirmed that Tha Carter III has sold more than one million units, giving it platinum status in only its first week.

“Thank you, that’s it,” he said to MTV News when asked about the album’s success earlier this week. “[I’m] just very grateful, that’s it. Blown away, of course. Surprised, of course. Elated. Every positive word there is.

“I wasn’t trippin’ about this,” he said about the sales stats. “I didn’t have no expectations. That’s not only with music, [that’s] period. You shouldn’t expect anything. You never know what could happen.”

According to Billboard, Tha Carter III is the first album since 50 Cent’s The Massacre in March 2005 to break a million copies sold. Kanye West’s Graduation came the closest, selling 957,000 units its first week in September 2007.

In other news, Wayne has confirmed that he is forming a supergroup with T-Pain, and that he will begin the Tha Carter III tour next week. [read here]