Harris County, TX

Lil Reese was apparently arrested last month for aggravated assault against a family member. According to online Harris County Jail records, his original booking date was May 19 and he was soon denied bond. Five days later, on May 24, his bond was set at $60,000 but was never posted.

The 29-year-old rapper is expected in court on August 16, so it’s highly possible he could be sitting behind bars for another month and a half.

Reese’s arrest comes over a year after the Chicago native got into a physical altercation with his girlfriend and was subsequently charged with misdemeanor domestic battery. Reese was arrested in May 2021 around 10:30 p.m. local time after police were called to his home with reports of a fight.

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Lil Reese Arrested For Brutal Assault On Girlfriend

Upon arrival, they discovered Reese’s girlfriend with a visible cut on her lip. The woman claimed Reese pulled her hair and punched her in the face with a closed fist, causing an abrasion. Police immediately took him into custody, but he was later released after posting $10,000 bond.

“That shit was fake,” he told Fucious TV about the charge. “That was just an argument going on. Someone seen us arguing and called the police, so when the police came they already knew who I was. So they were like, ‘Aight, we finna just lock him up.’”