Juelz Santana and Memphis Bleek have been going back and forth since the Harlem native dismissed his former Roc-A-Fella Records labelmate as a worthy Verzuz opponent. Their situation has lived on Twitter for the last few weeks, and now JAY-Z is getting mentioned.

On Tuesday (June 14), Juelz hopped on Twitter to throw some more shots at Bleek, basically reiterating he has no chance of stepping into the ring and beating him. The Diplomats member dissed the type of cannabis Bleek smokes, and the Brooklyn native fired back, saying Juelz’s new strain of weed isn’t really that loud.

“He ducking the [smoke] Ducking [smoke] Lol Cuz Bro U Got That Vape [smoke] Dat Shit That disappear Fast I Got That GAS shit fog Up The Whole Building… PS If U Want That I Can’t Feel My Face Pack Jus Ask I Got U,” Juelz tweeted, to which Bleek replied, “Y’all putting runtz in any bag thinking it’s gas stop it.”

The Coming of Age rapper then pulled up his bootstraps after Juelz Santana called him out for vaping and claimed Triller had already drafted a contract for their proposed Verzuz battle. All that needed to be done was for both parties to sign on the dotted line.

“I live a good joke @thejuelzsantana man said I’m out here vaping! Not smoking gas that’s a mean dart! Aight fam it’s on,” Bleek tweeted. “Listen tell homie sign the contract #Triller already put a number up! Fuck all this subbing shit you want sign the contract! #NowWellseewhoscared.”

Someone on Twitter asked what would happen if JAY-Z came out for the classic “Dear Summer” collaboration, but Memphis Bleek claimed he doesn’t need Hov to win the potential battle. Juelz used that to his advantage by asking if Bleek got permission from his “big homie.”

“@memphisbleek: First Off. Did u get Permission From Ya Big Homie? Cuz I Would Hate 4 U 2 Get U Kick Out Of The Will!!! 2nd U Can’t Perform No Records That U Didn’t Write????,” Juelz tweeted, to which Bleek replied, “That’s a bet! But don’t do those joints that ain’t work last show this time either!! The set gonna be watching we got a deal now?”

Memphis Bleek threw the last jab by proving he wrote his own lyrics on songs with JAY-Z with a screenshot of the songwriting credits for “Intro – Hand It Down,” from 1998’s Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life.

“That one harder than anything he ever spit in his life you can’t ever fuck wit me I’m a prove it! @thejuelzsantana,” the 43-year-old tweeted.

This whole situation started when Juelz Santana claimed Memphis Bleek couldn’t walk a mile in his shoes during his recent visit to Drink Champs. Despite having similar career trajectories, Juelz belittled his former labelmate and claimed he didn’t want what was coming to him.

Memphis Bleek Wants Verzuz Smoke With Juelz Santana: 'He'll See Why He Can't Feel His Face'

Neither Swizz Beatz nor Timbaland have said anything regarding this proposed battle, but clearly the two former labelmates are hoping to get it done soon. Shots have been fired on both sides over the last few weeks with no ceasefire in sight.