While Jim Jones may not think he’s cut out for a rap battle, he’s most definitely ready to step back onto the Verzuz stage. During a recent interview on The Joe Budden Podcast, he said he’s got one particular G-Unit member in his crosshairs.

“I’ll smoke Banks head up right now,” Jones said of Lloyd Banks. “You beg to differ? My shit is a package. To my drip, to my water, my shit is a package. My shit just ain’t the rap-age — it’s the package. When I come out they wanna see Capo. It’s not too many n-ggas that got that package.”

He continued his tirade by asking Joe and co. when G-Unit last made a record that impacted the culture.

“Where they gonna end up at?” Jones asked. “What year they gonna stop at? Fuck y’all think this is the nostalgia era? I’m not nostalgic, n-gga, I’m still lit — there’s a difference. What year you gon’ stop at? What’s the last record they did that really meant something to somebody that they could still get jiggy with? Not to be disrespectful, we talking Hip-Hop. That’s what we do, let’s be factual. Y’all here, y’all the Hip-Hop almanacs. Talk to me.”

The last time Jim Jones hit the Verzuz stage was for the now-iconic Dipset showdown against The LOX last summer, and Jones has been hungry ever since to step back into the ring for a solo venture. Lloyd Banks is only the most recent contender Jones has challenged; he’s also called out Jadakiss, who was deemed MVP of The LOX battle last August.

“I would want to have a Verzuz with Jada. Solo,” the Harlem rapper told HipHopDX in January. “He has to deal with me on my terms. He better be prepared. When it comes to a top three, I don’t really have a list. I just got real smoke with Jada.”

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Jada eventually got wind of Jim Jones’ comments and ultimately said he’s not interested: “I heard him say that but I didn’t entertain it. I don’t think Verzuz would entertain it. I don’t even think the people would want to see that.”

Lloyd Banks hasn’t yet responded to Jim Jones’ challenge. In the meantime, listen to Jones’ full interview with The Joe Budden Podcast below.