At a concert in Brooklyn, British Hip-Hop artist Mathangi “M.I.A.” Arulpragasam announced the cancellation of her European tour due to exhaustion.

“I’m canceling because I feel like physically I just have to stop for a second,” M.I.A. told “It’s too insane, I was losing a sense of just, like, reality, you know what I mean? I think for an artist like me, it’s so important for me to be in the streets and go to the same shop every day and see the same people and, like, communicate. And it’s really difficult to do that when you’re in the city every day for 24 hours”.

The tour would have made stops at close to 15 cities in Europe including London, Barcelona, Dublin, and Madrid.

M.I.A. is no stranger to concert issues, last year the Sri Lankan rapper had to cancel concert appearances due to visa problems.

With the excess down time, M.I.A. whose last album Kala was named album of the year by both Rolling Stone and Blender magazine plans on working on a new album.

Apple has unveiled a new version of its popular iPhone built for high-speed wireless networks with faster Internet access and more features for business users.

But unlike the first iPhone which hurt many pockets with its hefty $600 price tag (which was lowered to $400 just weeks after, causing an uproar from customers who paid the higher price) the new iPhone 3G is much easier on the bank account at only $199.

Apple chief executive Steve Jobs stated at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, “We’ve learned so much with the first iPhone. We’ve taken what we’ve learned and more and created the iPhone 3G.”

The iPhone 3G — for “third-generation” mobile networks — operates at twice the speed of its predecessor, allows for longer talk times, and also takes advantage of the high-speed network to provide GPS mapping built in, according to Jobs.

The company will begin selling the iPhone 3G July 11 and make it available in 70 countries.

The iPhone 3G will sell for $199 with eight gigabytes of memory. Apple will charge $299 dollars for a model with 16 gigabytes of memory.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Diddy is still… Diddy.

The Bad Boy label head had the Internet buzzing yesterday with rumors that he was due for another name change. Several years ago, he went from Puff Daddy to P. Diddy. Despite denying the rumors, Diddy is guilty of throwing fuel on the fire.

“I have always evolved and taken a different name each time. It’s nothing unusual where I come from. Right now I want to be Sean John because that’s where I am,” he told the Daily Star in January.

After that name change fell through, Diddy announced to the world—via the O’Neal McKnight “Check Your Coat” remix—that he was “about to be back on that Puff Daddy shit.”

He also changed his MySpace page to reflect the change of heart.

However, contrary to the blogs, and his words, there will be no changing of the alias.

Diddy dropped a video blog recently to dispel the rumor and invited the media and the public to focus on a bigger picture of the upcoming election.

“There are millions of Americans out there that are not registered to vote. Let’s utilize our power through your blogs to get these guys registered to vote and let’s make sure that they vote on my birthday, November 4,” Diddy said. “That’s my birthday present that I want from all you guys.”

Reported By: Danielle Harling, Aliya Ewing & Anthony Springer Jr