It’s safe to say Drake’s Sanctuary Basketball League has been a success amongst the 6 God and his friends. The league is constantly running games on the court inside Drizzy’s massive Toronto mansion and Drizzy’s team, NTIG, are the defending champions.

With the current SBL season underway, NTIG is looking to make another run at the playoffs and Drake has some new hardware for whoever takes home the chip this year. According to a post shared online over the weekend, the 6 God had new trophies made for the winners of the league that show a du-rag-wearing basketball player with a beer belly taking a jumper.

“Alright, I’m going to break down this trophy,” one of Drake’s friends said in the video. “The trophy has a du-rag. The trophy does not have a six-pack; let’s just say that. The trophy’s form could use some work, but you know what, this is our league, SBL for life. Energy!”

If the new trophy wasn’t enough, NTIG took the court looking to make their claim at hoisting up the new trophy at the end of the season. In another video shared online, Drake, OVO Chubbs and OVO Niko were bringing it to their opponents, hitting smooth finger-roll layups and jumpers.

While he’s improving his game and tearing it up on the court with Chubbs and Niko, Drizzy has time to catch his friend J. Colelace it up for the Scarborough Shooting Stars.



Drake Shows Love To J. Cole At Scarborough Shooting Stars Basketball Game

Drake came out to show support when the Shooting Stars took on the Hamilton Honey Badgers on Saturday (June 4). He wore a Shooting Stars jersey with J. Cole’s name and number on the back, but it wasn’t enough as the Honey Badgers crushed Scarborough 89-64. The Dreamville boss picked up a foul and didn’t score in six minutes of action.