Famed Long Beach, California rapper and producer Warren G was arrested Sunday morning in Los Angeles for marijuana possession. After a moving violation in traffic, the 35 year-old’s car was pulled over and searched, with the controlled substance was found. At the time of the incident, Warren was a passenger, although the car was reportedly registered to him.

Warren and the other man arrested were both released in the late morning yesterday, as both posted their $20,000 bail.

Warren G is remembered for being a founding member of 213 with Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg. As the step-brother of Dr. Dre, Warren is largely credited for being the one who brought Snoop to Dre, impacting rap history greatly. The rapper was also the first California-based artist on Def Jam Records to go platinum, largely due to the success of his 1994 hit “Regulate.”

In the last 14 years, Warren G has struggled to recapture his initial success. His 1999 single “I Want It All” with Mack 10 did go platinum. Warren last released In The Mid-Nite Hour in 2005; the album featured then-protege Bishop Lamont on seven tracks. He has also produced songs for Thug Life, Chingy and Slick Rick.

UPDATE: In the last 24 hours, details have surfaced that indicate charges against Warren G have been dropped. Although the rapper will be reportedly appearing before a Los Angeles judge on July 3, the charges of possession with intent to distribute were among those dropped.

The talent stated that contrary to initial local Los Angeles news reports, he did not run a red light, but was stopped while in traffic. Warren G expressed added frustration with the media’s dwelling on this report in lieu of the positive things he does for the greater Los Angeles community, including music workshops and gang prevention speaking.