Jack Harlow is leveling up right before fans’ eyes, and one way he’s doing that is by landing movie roles. In March, Variety reported the Louisville, Kentucky native is set to star in an upcoming remake of the classic 1992 basketball film White Men Can’t Jump.

Tapping into the movie space is a big deal, and Missionary Jack will need to prepare for the role as it’s his first-ever feature film. However, he’s not too familiar with the source material, as he revealed during an interview at the Met Gala in New York City on Monday (May 2).

“Can I be honest,” Harlow told Vogue on the red carpet. “I was obviously familiar with it, it’s an iconic title and I’ve seen the movie poster, but I didn’t watch it until I got offered the role. I see why it’s a classic.”

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The original White Men Can’t Jump movie came out six years before Jack Harlow was born, so it’s not too surprising that he hadn’t seen the movie up until he got the role. However, fans are hoping he’s been doing his homework because he has big sneakers to fill.

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The character of Billy Hoyle was made famous by acting veteran Woody Harrelson. The film tells the story of two hustling basketball players who are at odds, but learn to work together for the big game at the end. Quavo was pushing to land Wesley Snipes’ character, Sidney Deane, but ultimately fell short to former Power actor Sinqua Walls.

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Quavo won’t be missing much, though, as he’s set to star as Coyote alongside Robert De Niro in Wash Me In the River later this year. He will also take on the lead role in Takeover, an action-thriller written by Jeb Stuart (Die Hard, The Fugitive) and directed by Greg Jonkajty (Netflix’s The Liberator).