2 Chainz will be lending his distinctive ad-libs and gruff voice to an upcoming Snapchat original series titled “Planet Rewild,” serving as the series narrator.

Planet Rewild was developed as part of a larger multi-year partnership between Snapchat and Re:wild, Leonardo DiCaprio’s environmental organization. The two companies, along with the National Park Service and Santa Monica Mountains Fund, are working to “support restoration efforts in areas devastated by California’s recent wildfires.” 2 Chainz is also an avid advocate for climate change.

The Planet Rewild series will be available to all app users and will focus on educating users on how to “protect the wild that’s left and restore the rest.” In a trailer for the 10-episode series, which premieres on April 28, Chainz can be heard speaking on the importance of trees, mushrooms and more.

“Trees are the natural air conditioning of our planet,” Tity Boi says. “Plus they have other benefits, too, you do know that.”

He continues on in the trailer by talking about mushrooms. “Scientists have been harnessing the incredible properties of fungi to help clean up after wildfires and oil spills…Feeling inspired? Ok bet.”

Maybe 2 Chainz will even cough up some of that investment money to help the cause. The College Park rhymer told his Instagram followers on Wednesday (April 20) that he’s made so many smart investments over the years, he’s considering starting his own Venture capital fund.

“So this Instacart, most of y’all know about it,” 2 Chainz said. “I invested in Instacart a while back. You know I’m a part of a few funds, VC funds, private equity stuff that I’m seriously thinking about starting my own fund where I can connect the dots be the bridge between people that don’t get these opportunities that I be getting, right?”

He continued, “So let me know if I did something in the private equity field would you be interested in trusting me? Even if you don’t I’m still like rich or whatever. I have a lot of these opportunities I’m investing in a lot of stuff and yeah.”

Check out the trailer for Planet Rewild below.