2 Chainz is not only a Grammy-nominated, platinum-selling rapper, he’s also a smart businessman. Together with Juicy J, Tity Boi invested $2 billion in a solar energy merger last summer. The Most Expensivest host has also previously invested in Escobar Restaurant & Tapas, a nail salon called Pamper, an after-hours club called Members Only, a cannabis line and much more.

Chainz took to Instagram on Tuesday (April 19) and said he’s had so many successful investments over the years that he’s considering starting his own venture capital fund.

“So this Instacart, most of y’all know about it,” 2 Chainz said showing a fresh batch of groceries he received from the delivery app. “I invested in Instacart a while back. You know I’m a part of a few funds, VC funds, private equity stuff that I’m seriously thinking about starting my own fund where I can connect the dots be the bridge between people that don’t get these opportunities that I be getting, right?”

He continued, “So let me know if I did something in the private equity field would you be interested in trusting me? Even if you don’t I’m still like rich or whatever. I have a lot of these opportunities I’m investing in a lot of stuff and yeah.”

The comments were flooded with eager fans who said they’d definitely trust Tity Boi with their hard-earned cash.

This isn’t the first time 2 Chainz has offered to help others achieve financial success. In 2020, the Georgia lyricist teamed up with YouTube for a five-part series called Money Maker Fund, inspired by his 2020 single “Money Maker,” where he fielded business pitches from HBCU students and alumni and invested $55,000 into the most promising ideas.

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“With this year being more than challenging to all of us, I am inspired by these courageous students who are still pushing through chasing their dreams and goals,” Chainz said of the project. “The idea behind the Money Maker Fund is simply to add more fuel to the already burning fire of ambition they showcase.”

Watch the first episode below.