Last week, longtime Dr. Dre affiliate Bruce Williams exclusively told HipHopDX about Reverend Al Sharpton demanding one million dollars from the Compton, California-born superstar [click to read].

This afternoon, Sharpton responded through a state from his National Action Network. “At no point has Reverend Al Sharpton or an authorized representative of National Action Network met with Dr. Dre.Interscope
participated–as did other record companies– in National Action Network‘s previous Hip-Hip Town Hall meeting and has sponsored events at our annual national convention for several years. In fact,representatives of their companies appear in documentary footage by
National Action Network raising the issue of responsibility of the music industry and artists. All of this happened after this incident and had no direct connection. Our work around this issue of responsibility in the music industry continues today.”

The statement continued, addressing the specifics of the reported accusation of “staging a press conference.” “Secondly, if someone gave donations to offset our movement that would
have precluded Reverend Al Sharpton‘s personal participation in
standing with the teenager James Rosemond and his family at a press
conference calling for an end to the kind of street violence that scars
the hip-hop industry. The press conference was widely reported to be
taking issue with the artist 50 Cent, Yayo and G Unit. It would also
have precluded our marching on record companies, many of whom sponsored
events with us, for using the “N,” “B” and “H” words, and withdrawing an
award from record executive L.A. Reid for those same reasons. Clearly
donations do not alter our focus and work and certainly are not
requested from us to assure that it will. However, we think if Dr. Dre
and others did make donations to charities, even in the arrangements
that were inaccurately alleged, they should continue to do so, as all
successful members of our community should help legitimate agencies and
organizations that serve the communities that they sell to. We
will continue our work around civil rights, racial violence and police
brutality, and will not engage scurrilous banter to help sell books.”

Dr. Dre has yet to comment on the matter. Bruce Williams‘ book Rollin’ With Dre: The Unauthorized Account is available in bookstores now.