Indio, CA

Bun B brought his Trill Burgers franchise to Coachella 2022 over the weekend and gave Westside Gunn the chance to taste the menu. The Griselda rapper started off with a beef burger with fries and declared Trill Burgers as “the only burger” he wants.

“I wanna take another bite actually,” he says in a clip on Bun B’s Instagram page. “What I just taste… now I got the pickle with it. Very fresh. Very, very, very fresh. It’s probably one of the freshest burgers I’ve had in my life. I can taste the freshness. It’s like, even though it’s beef, it tastes healthy. It tastes like a healthy beef.”

Bun B replied, “It is. That cow lived better than a lot of people watching this video.”

Westside Gunn then moved onto the vegan burger and was convinced enough to go further down the vegan route in the future.



“It’s hot,” he said, before shaking his head in disbelief. “Best vegan burger I’ve ever had in my life. And I’m eating beef, I’m trying to compare it chewing it. I could have just got that, but I did it respectfully and I wanted to try it. But from now on, all I gotta eat is the vegan, I’ma be honest with you. The vegan gon’ set me straight. Any time I’m around I want the vegan.”

Bun B launched Trill Burgers in July 2021 and has been throwing pop-up restaurants ever since.



“For years I’ve been fascinated with the culinary scene, trying to find the best entry point for me,” he said after launching the company. “Today I can say I’ve found it! Join me in welcoming Trill Burgers to the world! Follow us for more info on our next pop ups and watch as we take you on a burger ride of your life! Brick and mortar coming soon!”

Bun B Set To Open Trill Burgers Restaurant In Houston

Trill Burgers was at Coachella for the first weekend and will return on April 22 for the second weekend.