New York, NY

Trick Daddy returned to The Breakfast Club on Wednesday (April 13) to promote his Bleep I Got My Pots cooking show and discussed a myriad of other topics with the Power 105.1 morning show trio.

At one point when “delayed reactions” came up, The Miami native recalled a time he contracted gonorrhea years ago when he was still in school because it takes three days to start showing, according to Trick Daddy.

“The only thing I ever had a delayed reaction to was gonorrhea,” he said just shy of the eight-minute mark. “I thought I was personally fine, it turned out she burnt me three days later… I had two girls. I had one girl and another dude’s girl.”

After being asked by Charlamagne Tha God about the “earwax test,” Trick Daddy confirmed he tried that a few times and went on to explain his methods to DJ Envy and Angela Yee, which he admitted were not effective at detecting STDs.

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“I did a lot of the time but I don’t think it work,” he said. “It’s a geechie thang. You’ll know if you got something if you stick your finger in your ear and insert it [into her vagina]. And if she jumps, she got something.”

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Listen to the rest of the interview below, which finds Trick Daddy touching on his financial issues of the past, Katt Williams, Beyoncé and more.