It’s no secret that Hip Hop culture is profitable, and major companies look to align themselves with the hottest acts out. The latest collaboration may be coming from the Cleveland-born rapper Doe Boy and the famous company Pillsbury.

On Monday (April 11), the Freebandz representative took to Instagram with a teaser trailer revealing the alleged collaboration he has in store with Pillsbury. The clip shows the Oh Really rapper walking into a Publix where a tin can of Pillsbury’s infamous cinnamon rolls falls to the floor and follows Doe Boy all the way home.

The tin can eventually hits its destination, crashing into Doe Boy’s foot while he sat in his car. The rapper picks up the can, observes it and shows viewers his excitement as his catchphrase, “Oh Really,” replaced the Pillsbury logo.

“OH REALLLLYYYY Coming Soon To Your Local Store..,” Doe Boy wrote in the caption of his Instagram post.


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It’s unclear if this collaboration is really in the works, but if it does, it would be one hell of a marketing scheme for both parties. There’s a lot that both sides can do, especially when Pillsbury’s iconic mascot is named Dough Boy. This could all just be Doe Boy having fun, but the caption of his post looks to be making this a true partnership.

While he’s putting in the finishing touches to a possible collaboration with Pillsbury, Doe Boy is helping set the record straight regarding critics who think rap music is to be blamed for all the street violence happening across the country. Doe stopped by The Joe Budden Podcast to speak his mind on the trying subject.

Doe Boy Says Rap Music Isn't To Blame For Street Violence: 'That Shit Gonna Happen Anyway'

“It’s real shit going on,” he said. “You gotta think, n-ggas’ friends is getting killed — this shit going on. The music just adding [to it]. That shit gonna happen anyway, that’s another thing muthafuckas gotta understand. Even with us making gangsta music, you can’t blame us because no matter what, that shit gonna go on.”

He continued, “If I stop rapping right now n-ggas still gonna kill a n-gga around the corner because he an opp, because he killed my homie or he killed my brother. You can’t blame us for that shit.”