Bobby Shmurda drew a lot of criticism with all the salacious dance moves he’s been hitting on social media. Fans questioned his aggressive hip gyrations and even called him fruity, but the Brooklyn rapper took it all in stride and continued to move his body.

The dancing has died down a bit, but it doesn’t seem like it’ll last long, thanks to the new music video Bobby Shmurda is filming. On Wednesday (April 5), footage of the music video shoot found its way online, and fans can see the “Hot N-gga” rapper is looking to ruffle some more feathers with his dance moves.

In the clip, Bobby gets loose and shakes his body as usual, but he takes things a step further with some assistance from some friends. What better way to piss off his critics than by inviting several social media dancers to join in all the fun?

The 27-year-old rapper clears the way for social media stars Groovin Gorilla, Famous Amos and Mufasa to hit their infamous dance moves that have taken social media by storm. The clip is hilarious as each dancer busts out their trademark moves, hyping up Bobby Shmurda in the process.

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It’s unclear which song the music video is for, but fans are excited to hear it given Bobby Shmurda is free to do whatever he wants with his music now. Last month, the Brooklyn native announced he is no longer signed to Epic Records and will be moving on the independent side.

As for the dancing, Bobby is still going to do it, and he’s gotten support from his peers, such as Cardi B and Wiz Khalifa, who both applauded him for having the time of his life.