Jack Harlow received a heavy bout of praise online after it was revealed he’d be sampling Fergie’s 2006 hit “Glamorous” for his next single “First Class,” which will appear on his highly-anticipated sophomore effort Come Home The Kids Miss You.

After Jack previewed the final product on Instagram on Friday (April 1), it appears the preview of the new track has already gone viral on TikTok a mere three days before the song is set to drop in its entirety.

A quick search of the term “First Class” on TikTik will show hundreds of videos have been made featuring the track’s brief preview, with many fans of the track showing their support by dancing and quoting the lyrics.

“First Class” is set to release on Friday (April 8), and will be the second single to emerge off the project, which will drop on May 6.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Jack Harlow said he hopes Come Home The Kids Miss You will help elevate him to eventually being the face of his generation, similar to Eminem in the late ’90s.

“That’s what made Em so hard — he was in the dog pile,” he said. “I want to be the face of my shit, like the face of my generation, for these next 10 years. We need more people in my generation that are trying to be the best, and you can’t do that with just ear candy, vibe records.”

He added, “You got to come out swinging sometimes. My new shit is much more serious. Right now, my message is letting muthafuckas know I love Hip Hop and I’m one of the best in my generation. You can’t do that with nonchalant, like, ‘Eeey, I got the bitches,’ in clever ways over and over again. I got to dig deeper this time.”

Check out a few of the “First Class” TikTok’s here, and revisit the track’s preview below.