Three months after Devin The Dude left Rap-A-Lot Records after over 15 years with the Houston label [click to read], another prevalent artist, Trae Tha Truth is reportedly calling himself a free agent as of this morning. Trae, a one-time affiliate of The Screwed-Up Click and leader of ABN (Assholes By Nature) released two albums at Rap-A-Lot, 2006’s critically-acclaimed Restless and last year’s Life Goes On. The latter cracked the Top 200 Billboard charts last October.

In the interim time between his next recording contract, Trae will be performing this month, doing regional spot dates. Recently, the rapper, joined by ABN, performed in front of the maximum security Ramsey Unit at the federal prison in Rosharon, Texas. Two live shows were presented, in front of over 700 inmates. Slim Thug, who is also claiming “free agency” joined Trae for the performances. The event was deemed Hopefest, and may likely become a tradition.

Trae is rumored to be working on an album with his cousin and ABN member Z-Ro called It Is What It Is.

Rap-A-Lot is presently campaigning for Bun B‘s II Trill [click to listen], as well as greatest hits compilations for Scarface and Pimp C.

The tour dates for Trae are listed below:


May 16th – Victoria, TX

May 17th – Bryan, TX – Tonix Nightclub

May 18th – Waco, TX – Legacy – Official Car Show Afterparty

May 23rd – Texarkana, TX – The Paradise

May 24th – Little Rock AR

May 25th – Memphis, TN

May 26th – Nashville, TN

May 30th – Abilene,TX – Abilene Civic Center

May 31st – San Angelo, TX

June 1st – Lubbock, TX

June 2nd – Odessa, TX

June 3rd – El Paso, TX

June 4th – Laredo, TX

June 5th – San Antonio, TX – Club Rio – Ozone Magazine Bash

June 6th – Austin, TX – Spiro’s – Ozone Magazine Bash

June 7th – Dallas, TX – (TBA) – Ozone Magazine Bash / DUB car show

June 8th – Houston, TX – (TBA) – Ozone Magazine Bash

June 16th – Ft. Worth, TX – Club 820

June 17th – Wichita Falls, TX – The End Zone

June 18th – Oklahoma City, OK

June 19th – Amarillo, TX

June 20th – Albuquerque, NM

June 21st – Phoenix, AZ – Buzz Nightclub

June 22nd – Las Vegas, NV

June 23rd – Los Angeles, CA

June 24th – Los Angeles,CA

June 25th – Oakland, CA

June 27th – Dallas, TX

June 28th – Dallas, TX

June 30th – Tyler, TX – Club Nico’s

July 1st – Shreveport, LA – Municipal Auditorium

July 2nd – Beaumont, TX

July 3rd- Baton Rouge, LA – Official Birthday Bash

July 4th – New Orleans, LA- Essence Music Festival

July 5th – New Orlean, LA

July 6th – Monroe, LA – Krystal’s

July 7th – Jackson, MS

July 8th – Birmingham, AL

July 9th – Atlanta, GA

July 10th – Pensacola, FL

July 11th – Tallahassee, FL

July 12th – Jacksonville, FL

July 13th – Orlando, FL

July14th – Tampa, FL

July 15th – Miami, FL