If you look closer to the south’s recent history, you’ll remember that the content wasn’t always about slangin’ white and toting glocks.

Case in point; The Nappy Roots. After putting out two solid albums, they’re ready to bring out the best of the South once more with their third studio effort.

Their first album as an independent, The Humdinger has had its share of delays (with their last album coming out in 2003). To keep their fans attentive, they released an internet-only album last year which solidified their presence on the net. “It’s been a plan from day one: how we was gonna work the Internet and how we was gonna work the mass media and all the other sorts of outlets, but far as the internet, we have a hookup in various places with a lot of people that support the movement — the good music movement. You know what I’m saying, and Nappy Roots, we are proud affiliates of that,” the Nappy Roots told DubCnn.com recently.

Though they are still tweaking the release date of The Humdinger, Skinny Deville stated late summer works best for them. “At this time, we gonna call it summer, early August (laughing). I could throw a date of 05 [August 5th 2008] out there if you wanna hold on to something, but right now the date is August. The schedule is set and everything is working how it’s supposed to be. Sometimes these things, they take time and it ain’t that we’re not ready — I don’t think everybody as a whole will be ready for the music we trying to bring to the game. It ain’t what you’d expect to hear from Nappy Roots at this point, but it’s everything that you thought Nappy Roots would be. That’s what I say The Humdinger is — it ain’t what you expect, but it’s everything you thought it would be.”

After explaining collaborations with Kanye West and Dave Matthews, the Nappy Roots bathed in their own glory of having a calendar day named after them in their home state of Kentucky. “You get that by putting Kentucky on the map. That’s it… We did a lot of big things and every time we got in front or the camera or got an opportunity to say things, we always shouted out where we were from. And people that was where we were from saw that and they seen it and we just did it so much and brought so much attention back to Kentucky, just in regards to hip-hop alone that they were like you know what, these dudes, they deserve it, they were everywhere and everybody knew that these dudes represented Kentucky in the best possible way.

The Humdinger
is set to be released in August through Nappy Roots Entertainment.

Reported By Edwin Ortiz