Kodak Black was one of four people shot outside of a party hosted by Justin Bieber in Los Angeles on February 11. The 24-year-old rapper was struck in the leg after a nearby scuffle triggered gunfire, but is since back on his feet and making a full recovery.

According to longtime music manager Wack 100, the shooting wasn’t done at random; he believes it was payback for Kodak’s remarks about the actress and model Lauren London, who was dating and shared a child with beloved L.A. native Nipsey Hussle before his murder in 2019.

“On some clout chasing shit,” Wack said while discussing the motive behind the shooting during a recent Clubhouse conversation. “Talking about, ‘What’s that shit you said about Lauren London? Get the fuck out of here!’ But Kodak got off!”

Kodak Black faced an onslaught of criticism in April 2019 when he made inappropriate comments about Lauren London being newly single, just days after Nipsey was fatally shot outside of his Marathon Clothing store in South Los Angeles.

“She finna be out here single!” he was heard saying in a clip posted to social media. “She finna be a whole widow out here. I’ll be the best man I could be for her. I’ll give her a whole year, she might need a whole year to be crying and shit for dude.”

He added, “I ain’t trying to shoot at her. I’m saying, listen, she can do two, three years. I’ll try to be like a friend to holla, a shoulder to lean on. You can call my line.”

Kodak Black Shows Off Injuries Sustained In West Hollywood Shooting

Kodak later issued an apology (a year and three months later, to be exact), but that didn’t shelter him from backlash from his rap peers. Dave East — a close friend of Nipsey’s — nixed the Florida rapper from his Survival album, while T.I. removed a painting of him from his Trap Music Museum in Atlanta.

“Me and Nip, it was deeper than rap,” East explained. “So anybody, I don’t care who it might’ve been, don’t speak on that man after that man gone if it’s not in a good light. Don’t speak on that man’s woman, that man’s kids. Don’t bring that man up.”