Rappers like to spend their money on finer things like jewelry, cars, fashion and more, so they tend to go to these high-end shops and ball out. Bandman Kevo was the latest person to blow a hefty bag when he went to Dior to cop some new pieces on his birthday.

The Chicago-bred, Florida-based rapper spent over $1 million and the store thanked him by throwing an extravagant birthday party. Kevo captured all the festivities on his Instagram Story on Wednesday (February 16).

Fans can see Dior employees bringing out bottles of Veuve Clicquot champagne, sparklers, a gift, mini bottles of Moet, a birthday cake and hors d’oeuvre’s to celebrate Bandman Kevo. The moment was pretty ironic compared to the similar situation Jim Jones was in on February 8.


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The Dipset Capo went to a Gucci store to do the same thing as Bandman Kevo, but the only difference was it wasn’t his birthday. According to Jim’s video footage, no one in the store wanted to help him or his friends and claimed they were being racially profiled.

“We been in Gucci for about an hour,” he said in the clip. “And we in Gucci in the VIP. Since we came in here, ain’t nobody came in here and showed us no courtesy, no amenities, no nothing. Period. Not even a drink of water. I asked to speak to a manager. Sent me a Black guy out here starting to tell me some bullshit.

Jim Jones Slams Gucci Store For 'Racial Profiling' - After Decrying 2019 Gucci Boycott

“So they got the Black guy racial profiling on Black people. I asked to speak to a manager bigger than him. Everybody disappeared. Ain’t nobody come out to check. I still ain’t get no sparkling water. I still ain’t get no champagne. I still ain’t get nothing.”