New York City, NY – Despite reports of their scuffle, Jim Jones had very little to say about Freddie Gibbs in his recent interview.

During his appearance on Ebro in the Morning with Laura Stylez and Peter Rosenberg on Wednesday (January 12), Jim Jones denied any involvement in the purported altercation with Freddie Gibbs that went down last month at a Prime 112 restaurant in Miami by completely laughing the situation off.

“I was not fighting at Prime 112,” Jim Jones said in response to Peter Rosenberg’s inquiry. “I’m just telling you, you said it. I just cleared it up.”

As both Ebro and Rosenberg pressed The Dipset rapper about the occurrence and whether or not he had an issue with the Alfredo lyricist, Jim Jones proceeded to ghost Freddie Gibbs’ entire existence while continuing to deny it ever even happened.

“Freddie who?” he asked while laughing. “What’s his name? He’s Grammy-nominated? Why would a person that won a grammy want a problem with Capo? I don’t know, it don’t matter. We be in the room with too many Grammy award winners. Shout out to that young man you dig. I wish him the best and success in all his endeavors inside of this game. Get your bag baby.”

Back in December, Freddie Gibbs arch-rival Akademiks rejoiced when reports detailing the fight broke, using the moment to send off shots at his enemy on Twitter.

“Freddie Gibbs definitely tellin his police officer dad and District Attorney brother on Jim Jones,” he wrote in part, before trolling Gibbs by asking, “@freddiegibbs are you ok!?”

Both Jim Jones and Freddie Gibbs responded almost immediately in the days following the incident, with Gibbs making an appearance on his social media channels just to show that he was unscathed and Jones trolling the fight by hinting at an album titled Prime 112.

Jim Jones Trolls Freddie Gibbs By Naming New Album After Scene Of Scuffle

Freddie Gibbs and Jim Jones’ years-long rivalry seemingly began in 2014 when the “Big Boss Rabbit” rapper accused the New York rap veteran of being a fake gangster. One of Gibbs’ shows in Brooklyn erupted in gunfire following his remarks. 

Watch the interview in full below.