Freddie Gibbs was recently the target of gunfire after a show in New York that left him unscathed but two members of his entourage non-critically injured. Ever since, he’s made a few mentions of the night and recently addressed whether rapper Jim Jones was involved in it.

“Na I doubt it he too pussy,” the Gary, Indiana rapper tweeted in reply to a question of whether Jones was involved. He also tweeted about going to Harlem the night before the shooting happened.

“Bout to go to my crib in Harlem. Safe & sound. Happy Sunday” he relayed via the social media website. “I ain’t hard 2 find.” Weeks prior to the shooting, Gibbs called Jones a wanna be gangster. Jim Jones has not confirmed whether he was actually involved in the shooting incident.

Freddie Gibbs was asked soon after the near fatal shooting incident about the ordeal. He replied that his situation was similar to Tupac’s but he’s still alive.

“They tried to kill Tupac. They tried to kill me. I’m still alive. I’m Freddie Gibbs. They tried to kill me, but I’m still alive.”

View all relevant tweets below (via Vlad TV):

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