When asked how much money he made off of his 2006 record, “We Fly High,” Harlem, New York rapper Jim Jones broke down the sales numbers for the song. While speaking with Vlad TV correspondent Jenny Boom Boom, he addressed the sales made solely off of ringtones.

According to Jones, the purchase of four ringtones equals one record sale. And with around 15 to 20 million ringtone downloads for “We Fly High,” the Dipset lyricist says he almost became a triple-platinum artist.

“Off that single it was like—They say it was like four ringtones equal one actual record sale,” Jim Jones said. “And shit probably sold about 20 million single downloads. Probably like 15, something like that. I got a plaque in my house that was over 10…So, my single made me almost a triple-platinum artist. With the equivalent of the sales and stuff. People don’t ever look at it to that, but it was definitely four ringtones or five ringtones equals one whole record sale.”

Although Jones didn’t share the amount of money he made as a result of “We Fly High,” he says he “spent” and “blew a lot of money.”

“I spent a lot of money,” he said. “Had fun. I blew a lot of money…You learn about bank accounts and stuff early. In the hood, you learn about putting your money in a sneaker box. You understand what I’m trying to say? That’s a big difference when it comes to finances. So, when you take a kid from the hood that’s 19 or 20 and put a million dollars in they hand and Benz’s and all that type of shit it gets different. Nobody is ever thinking about taxes. And the IRS is so wicked that if you are making money and somehow they getting some of it and they see them checks still coming they not gonna be on your back like that. When they come get you is when it runs up and everything is dry. Then they pull out their book like ‘Shit. 2004, 6, 7, 8, and 9. We need that, Jack’…I learned a lot in this music industry.”

Jones recently caused a stir when he criticized Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Dame Dash via Instagram. Jones referred to Dame as both a “culture vulture” and a “fuck faggot” in a post made on the social networking site in August.

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