J. Cole loves an inspirational story, especially when it comes to hoops or Hip Hop. High school basketball phenom Hansel Enmanuel’s hoop mixtape has infiltratred social media to repeatedly go viral not only because of his mesmerizing plays, but his ability to dominate in spite of his handicap.

The Florida native lost nearly all of his arm in a childhood accident but still persevered to be a high school star at Life Christian Academy in Kissimmee, Florida. J. Cole took note of Enmanuel’s story and had him star in the latest ad for his Dreamer brand.


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Dubbed “The Audacity II,” the Scott Lazer-directed clip is narrated by the Dreamville boss and shows Hansel Enmanuel working up a sweat while executing a dribbling drill in the practice gym.

“I got to keep it 100 with you,” Cole says. “They don’t think you can do it. They look at you and all they see is a man standing in front of a mountain that’s too big to scare. But I believe in you. Shit, you made me a believer ’cause I see how much you believe in yourself. Why else would you work this hard? Shit, I ain’t gonna lie, they surprised you made it this far.

“Now, quietly in the back of their minds, there’s a tiny thought that wonders, ‘How far you can actually go with this?’ And I know something they don’t know. That the answer to that question, my boy, is up to you.”

Even at 37 years old, J. Cole hasn’t given up on his own hoop dreams. He’s worked out with NBA teams for practice and played for Rwanda in the Basketball Africa League last year.

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As for his Dreamer brand, Cole has released a number of sneakers baring the name as part of his deal with Puma. The brand’s official Instagram account has more on the way after recently teasing an upcoming collaboration with sports apparel company Mitchell & Ness.