Drake has made a lot of money off his Hip Hop career, with an estimated net worth of $200 million. One thing the 6 God likes to do with the fruits of his labor is gambling, and fans recently got an inside look at his betting habits.

On Thursday (January 27), Drake took to his Instagram Story with a clip of himself partaking in a game of online roulette where he put down a hefty bet worth over $200,000. The Toronto native was confident in his bet as he called out which number he thought the ball would land on

“I guarantee you it’s repeat 8,” Drake declared as the roulette wheel spun. “I feel it. Repeat 8. I know it.”

Luckily for Drake, the roulette ball ended up landing on the exact number he predicted, causing him to jump out of his seat and celebrate like a Certified Winner Boy.

“And there it is! What did I say?!” Drake yelled as he darted off camera. “What did I fucking say?! What did I say?!”

Drake loves playing roulette so much that he even has a watch designed after the popular game. In 2020, the OVO boss purchased a $620,000 timepiece from famed Hip Hop diamond merchant Jacob the Jeweler that has a fully functional roulette wheel.

The watch is called the Astronomia Casino and features a complex four-arm setup. The arms include a ceramic ball, a double-axis tourbillon, a Roman numeral time display and a 1 carat 288-facet Jacob-cut diamond, which turns on itself in 30 seconds.

Other rappers aren’t as lucky as Drake when it comes to gambling, though. Last year, Young Thug had a torrid time in Las Vegas after losing $800,000 in the casino.

Young Thug Details Losing $800K At Las Vegas Casino

“Man, Vegas just won $800,000 from me,” the Atlanta rapper revealed in an Instagram video while failing to hide his disgust. “Man, I’m through looking at everyone in that muthafucka.”