03 Greedo is finally ready to share his thoughts on the loss of his close friend Drakeo The Ruler, On Monday (January 25), Greedo shared a long heartfelt post to his Instagram, commemorating the southern California titan by reflecting on their memories together.

The pair apparently had a strong bond both professionally and personally, working together on multiple projects over the years and maintaining a deep connection throughout their prison sentences.

“I wanted to wait until I felt like a lot of the clouts post died down because this one really crushed me,” Greedo wrote. “I lost a lot of homies, family, and industry friends while I’ve been locked up but to loose my evil twin fucked me up.

“I wake up every day wishing I made parole so I could convinced you to move out of LA with me and focus on the music. To loose your n-ggas you made your first millions with before even coming home to enjoy it, is mind blowing. Coming home to Shoreline broken up and no Ketchy or Drakeo we still have so many hot songs we haven’t shown the world.”

Stinc Team Rapper Remble Talks Skipping Once Upon A Time Fest - Only To Learn Drakeo The Ruler Was Killed Via Text

Greedo reminisced fondly on how Drakeo The Ruler always maintained good spirits even while incarcerated.

“I remembered talking to each other from the jail phones and getting write Ups because of prison was here with global tell recording,” he continued. “It wasn’t one call where you wouldn’t rap or tell me about a new chain. You did all that time in solitary and was fighting life but would just be laughing out loud. Lol, my boy was a real deal lunatic and a fucking genius.”

Drakeo The Ruler was stabbed in the neck on last December at The Once Upon A Time in L.A. Festival in Los Angeles. The “Talk To Me” lyricist was initially transported to a local hospital in critical condition before succumbing to his injuries. Drakeo’s death garnered a massive outpouring of grief from the rap community, with A-list artists such as Drake and Juicy J expressing their shock at his unexpected passing.

Check out Greedo’s full post below.