Foxy Brown is set to be released from Rikers Island next week, on Friday, April 18th.

The embattled Brooklyn femcee began serving a 241 day prison term on August 22, 2007 [click to read] after violating her probation for a 2004 assault charge [click to read].

“They had her do every day,” reminds her manager, and CEO of Black Hand Entertainment, Chaz Williams. “[She didn’t receive any] kind of special treatment. And she did [her time] under the worst conditions that you can do [time] under, at Rikers Island. They was pounding her, trying to break her spirit, and she held fast. She’s good and strong, mentally and emotionally.”

Unfortunately, Foxy’s well-documented legal troubles are not completely behind her just yet. According to court records, Foxy (real name Ingrid Marchand), is due back in Kings County Supreme Court on May 5th for a hearing regarding the incident, in which she allegedly assaulted her neighbor with her Blackberry, that led to her probation being revoked and her subsequent incarceration.

“The May hearing is dealing with the Brooklyn case that was still [pending],” Mr. Williams explains. “That was from the Brooklyn charge that she had prior to her going in on the parole violation. It’s being resolved. They’re working to resolve it. That charge is still pending resolution by trial or by otherwise.”

In addition to Ms. Marchand’s remaining unresolved legal matter with the state of New York, she is also still due to answer charges of battery and resisting arrest in the Sunshine State [click to read]. “She still has the Florida case,” Mr. Williams explains. “That wasn’t resolved before she went in either. The Florida incident is when they said that she sprayed glue on a guy, hair glue in the hair store, some nonsense. That’s gonna be resolved. That hearing is also after her release.”

Even with two criminal cases still without resolution, Mr. Williams told HipHopDX that he is confident his client will not be returning to jail after her release next week.

Chaz, who was profiled during the second season of BET’s critically acclaimed series “American Gangster “[click to read], is convinced that even though Foxy’s entire term at Riker’s wasn’t spent without incident [click to read] she will in fact be exiting prison a changed woman. “She has had time to sit and be idle, and really take an in-depth look into herself,” he notes. “And she’s gonna come out and start rebuilding her career through her music and through television.”

In addition to a rumored reality show [click to read], Foxy’s plans following her release from Riker’s include dropping her fourth full-length, Brooklyn’s Don Diva, on May 13th via a partnership between her own Black Rose Entertainment and Koch Records.

And according to her manager additional plans for Foxy going forward will be ironed out once she’s free. But career resurrection is definitely at the top of her to-do list, says Chaz, “She’s looking to go out on tour and do everything to get her career back in shape.”