Memphis, TN - 

Long before he rose to fame in 2018 with hits such as “Shoot,” “Rover” and the Drake-assisted “Look Alive,” BlocBoy JB had aspirations of making it in sports. Those dreams were quickly cut short, however, when the Memphis, Tennessee native was shot at the tender age of 10.

In the first episode of his new documentary series, Blocumentary, the 25-year-old rapper details the fateful shooting incident that ended up changing the course of his life. As BlocBoy explains, he was playing football in the park when two rival crews began shooting at each other from a distance, resulting in him catching a stray bullet.

“My goals was to be a basketball player, a football player or a rapper,” he said. “I was playing football [and] I got shot when I was, like, 10 — right across the street from Ed Rice [Community Center].”

“They wasn’t shooting at me, though; they was just basically shooting at each other. I was looking at it from afar, them niggas was shooting so fucking far. It’s impossible that they shot me.”

BlocBoy says he showed promise on the hardwood and gridiron, but the gunshot wound meant he “couldn’t do no basketball or football.”

Executive produced by Yo Gotti, Blocumentary also finds BlocBoy JB and his go-to producer Tay Keith talking about their experiences growing up in Memphis, how they became friends and honing their musical craft as teenagers.

“Tay Keith taught me how to [record] on Mixcraft,” BlocBoy said. “I had a mic ’cause my brother was already rapping at the time. They used to be out of town, so I just went up in that muthafucka and downloaded the software and made my first song — I think it was ‘No Chorus.’

“Once I figured out how to record myself, I ain’t got to pay no money — that’s the broke n-gga dream!”

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Blocumentary isn’t the only project BlocBoy JB has been working on. He’s also prepping the release of a new collaborative album with Tay Keith called Bacc 2 Da Bloc, set to drop on January 26.

The project serves as the follow-up to BlocBoy’s 2020 major label debut, FatBoy, which boasted appearances from Yo Gotti, G Herbo, Trippie Redd and more.