One of the ongoing trends with rappers who make it in the industry is leaving their ‘hood behind for a more lavish lifestyle that’s different from the one they used to live. Roddy Ricch was recently accused of doing this when a Compton Crip named Yah-L called Roddy’s street credibility into question and claimed he’s “false flagging.”

The 23-year-old Compton native heard all the commotion and decided to address it by calling into a Clubhouse room hosted by Wack 100 on Monday (January 10). Yah-L happened to be on the call, and Roddy wasn’t going to let him run with the idea that he’s falsely claiming his affiliation to the Crips.

“I got phone calls, text messages, I’m seeing on the internet I’m false flagging. I wanna know what’s going on,” the usually-reserved Roddy barked, showing a side that fans rarely see from him. “You saying I’m not from the hood? Who saying I’m not from the hood? You saying I’m not from the hood?!”


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Yah-L stood firm on his claims, saying, “I said what I said.” But Roddy strongly denied the allegations, reminding the older gentleman of his stripes.

“You ain’t see me get put on to Blacc Macc?” he replied. “Three niggas; put two of them down. That ain’t official? ‘Cause I know a lot of little homies that ain’t get their official, n-gga.”

The heated conversation continued as Roddy Ricch flexed his financial muscle. “You ever touched a million dollars before?” he asked Yah-L. “Do you know what that feel like? ‘Cause you here talking about another n-gga for free!”

He added, “You 30, 40 years old using this app; n-gga, I’m 23! I don’t even know how to use this shit. ‘Cause I’m over here trying to make the Forbes again this year … Listen, I done made $20 million in a year; you think I’m about to be posted up with you, n-gga?!”

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The Live Life Fast rapper later claimed Yah-L is simply trying to “tearing another n-gga down that’s trying to help other n-ggas from the hood,” before listing off some of the things he’s done for his community, such as toy and turkey drives at Christmas.

Roddy also claimed the reason people don’t see him in Compton as much these days is because his label told him he’s “doing too much” in his hometown and advised him to shoot music videos elsewhere.

“You saying I’m false flagging; n-gga, I got put on my hood and I was over there, every video until — Anti-Social was in the hood!” he barked. “The label, Julie Greenwald, called us and told us we doing too much in Compton and we gotta do videos everywhere else — that’s what happened, n-gga!”

Tensions remained high until the end of the conversation, with Roddy Ricch yelling, “If I’m false flagging, you a false Crip ’cause you let a false Crip do all them videos in your hood after I had $10, $20 million in your hood, didn’t say nothing!”

Aside from defending his street credibility, Roddy is turning his attention to his next project. Last month, the diamond-certified rapper announced the third installment of his Feed Tha Streets mixtape series will arrive in 2022.