Wiz Khalifa is just one of many rappers who’ve caught the fitness bug in recent years, transforming his once-beanpole frame into a lean, mean, athletic physique through mixed martial arts (MMA) training.

Wiz’s dedication to his workout regime runs that deep he recently installed a brand new indoor gym at his Los Angeles, California mansion, a sound investment given the widespread closure of gyms during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a video posted to social media over the weekend, the Pittsburgh native gives fans a glimpse of his swanky fitness setup, which includes kettlebells, a power rack complete with a bench and Olympic weight plates, and enough dumbbells to put Gold’s Gym to shame.

There’s also a freestanding heavy bag that Wiz can use to hone his kickboxing skills. It’s all housed in a dedicated room featuring floor-to-ceiling glass windows, offering a superb view of his swimming pool and yard while he works up a sweat.

“This is full-functioning fitness right here,” Wiz says in the clip as the camera pans around his home gym. “It’s nuts! It’s protected, it’s state-of-the-art.” A female voice in the background can be heard saying, “This is crazy!”

Wiz Khalifa opened up about his fitness journey in a 2018 interview with Bleacher Report, revealing he packed on 35 pounds of muscle in a four-year period thanks to muay thai training.

“Being in the gym helps me get the fuck out the studio,” he said. “It clears my mind to do something totally different that I’m passionate about. Then I can go back to it with a fresh mind.”

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“I go to the gym five days a week. So when I’m at the gym and studio, it’s a perfect balance,” he added. “I was cool with being skinny before. But as a 30-year-old man, I like myself with more weight.”

Wiz showed off his continued gains on Instagram on Saturday (January 8), posting a shirtless photo of himself while getting changed with the caption, “Gym been workin.”

On the music side, Wiz Khalifa dropped Wiz Got Wings in December, a full-length collaboration with Kush & Orange Juice producers Cardo and Sledgren.

The Taylor Gang chief recently announced he’s readying another new album called Fresh Off the Plane with old friends, Pittsburgh-bred producers ID Labs and Big Jerm.

Meanwhile, Juicy J hinted at an upcoming fourth installment in Wiz’s Cabin Fever mixtape series.