Top Dawg Entertainment rapper Reason opened the flood gates when he claimed Fabolous is a better rapper than Outkast legend André 3000 during a recent interview with Van Lathan.

On Sunday (January 9), HipHopDX shared an Instagram post with a headline that read, “TDE Reason Claims Fabolous Is A Better MC Than André 3000,” which quickly elicited over 1,200 comments. Cypress Hill’s de facto leader B-Real was among the many weighing in on the topic and offered, “Nah.. they both dope af but 3000 is ona different level in IMO.”

B-Real was met with several cosigns but also challenged on his opinion. One commenter tried to reduce Three Stacks to “football costumes” and “wigs” while pointing out he has “zero solo albums.”

The “Insane In The Membrane” MC countered, “nah son. He got bars. And although he maybe ain’t feelin it any more you can’t take away what he’s put down to this point. You take all the football gear and loud shit out of the scenario it’s bar work. And what does it matter if he got solo albums out? Zero .. that’s my dollar fifty.”

He added, “They spit different type shit so the comparison is odd but it’s about preference. Depends what you like. I get down with both but to me Andre is slightly ahead.”

Another member of Team Fabolous puffed his chest out with, “@breal in my opinion right now I’m a better artist than 3 stacks cause I actually release music. Old heads like you keep his name alive by saying he better than everyone and not showing younger generations love even though he never releases music to be judged by ppl like you will just say he’s ‘on another level.'”

B-Real promptly fired back and reminded the commenter he’s released plenty of music in recent years with not only Cypress Hill but also Prophets of Rage, Serial Killers and Berner. His most recent solo album, Tell You Something, arrived in 2021.

TDE Rapper Reason Goes On Crusade Claiming Fabolous Is A Better MC Than André 3000

“People like me?” he began. “You trippin!! I still release to this day. Now that’s me. Whatever Dre does right now is his biz. He ain’t feelin this rap shit that’s on him. But the question was who do you think got the better bars not who is current. Fab is a monster no doubt but to say Dre isn’t because he hasn’t dropped in a while is ridiculous. They both are greats. It’s simply a matter of opinion.

“And if you got bars better than Andre I’d like to hear them. And I show love to the young generations in hip hop. Do ya homework before you make a comment like that instead generalizing that all of us from the GOLD school hate on young heads. Smfh.”

The man responsible for the debate, Reason, chimed in with “Let’s talk” but then failed to follow up on the 60 comments his suggestion prompted. Meanwhile, Mad Skillz added, “The same Fab who said ‘you do blah blah…with the baby talk…goo goo gah gah’ that Fab … Man…who knew this post would bend this many NY fitteds.”