Cardi B is tired of seeing Lil Kim being dragged on the internet. Social media came for Kim once again this week after a snippet of her Christmas-themed “Big Santa Papi” video surfaced, and Cardi isn’t having any of it.

The Grammy Award-winning rapper took to Twitter on Tuesday night (December 21) to defend Lil Kim from the online abuse while reminding everyone of her status in Hip Hop.

“I’m tired of it and it’s heartbreaking,” she wrote in response to a tweet calling for an end to the Lil Kim slander. “She’s is so sweet, supportive and a REAL FUCKIN LEGEND ..I remember when I used to beef wit bitches and I used to put on my MySpace her song FUCK YOU! I think it gotta be these 2000’s born kids on this app that don’t know about shit!”

When asked by one fan about a potential collaboration with the Queen Bee, Cardi B cut the fan short and explained she came to Kim’s defense not in an effort to land a verse, but because she’s a woman with feelings. However, she did say she eventually plans to connect with the Hard Core rapper when the timing is right.



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“What do a collab go to do with someone constantly getting CYBER BULLY?” the Bronx bombshell fired back. “Before a artist I am a woman wit feelings and I know how much it hurts to constantly get picked on…When I collab wit her is going to be at the right time & the right song.I don’t rush BIG MOMENTS!”

Cardi B has previously voiced her hopes to make a track with Lil Kim, as highlighted in a video shared by a Lil Kim fan account on Tuesday night. Perhaps Cardi will enlist the Brooklyn legend for her upcoming eagerly anticipated sophomore album, which she recently promised will arrive in 2022.

The latest round of Lil Kim jokes began flying after a clip of her “Big Santa Papi” music video — taken from the soundtrack Nick Cannon’s Miracles Across 125th Street movie, which she also stars in — hit the net.



Before that, Kim has been a popular target of famed internet troll and “Magic Stick” collaborator 50 Cent, who has posted severalunflattering memes of her in the last year. Kim has fought fire with fire by clapping back with her own jokes, though.

Lil Kim isn’t the only New York rapper whose defense Cardi B has rushed to in recent weeks. On Sunday (December 19), the Bronx native clapped back at critics of Bobby Shmurda’s dancing, reminding them he’s entitled to enjoy his freedom after more than six years behind bars.