Yung Joc became a talking point on Twitter Monday night after the Wheel of Fortune misspelled his name during a bonus round under the “person” category.

Contestant Kennise Miller already had an impressive evening on the gameshow, securing $30,000 in prize money and a trip to Maui, and she took on the bonus round in the hopes to snag more cash. With only two of the nine letters present on the board, Kennise struggled to figure out the “person” they were hinting at, which turned out to be “Young Jock.”

Twitter was almost immediately in an uproar, with many noting the misspelling of the “It’s Goin Down” rapper and saying Kennise should be given a second go.

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Word of the snafu reached Yung Joc’s ears, who confirmed in a hilarious Instagram video that they had indeed misspelled his moniker.

“That ain’t how you spell my damn name,” he said in the video. “Aye, Pat Sajak, that ain’t how you spell my name. That’s nine letters. It’s supposed to be seven: Y-U-N-G J-O-C,” he said. He then makes the distinction that some viewers made online between himself and a young athletic person.

“Oh, they ain’t talking about me?” he said while looking at off camera. “Oh, they just talking about a young jock, a young athlete. Yeah, I knew that, I knew that.”

The rapper, who hosts his own morning show called Yung Joc & The Streetz, wrote in the video’s caption that he needs to show Wheel of Fortune “how to get things done.” “My Morning Show against any Morning show in the world!!!!!” he wrote. He even tagged Kennise in the post, saying that she should come on and “keep the party lit.”