Boosie Badazz is not one of those rappers to hold his tongue in public conversations. The Louisiana rap legend has given fans memorable moments on social media, and he’s back with another one following news of a concert promoter suing him.

On Wednesday (December 15), TMZ reported MN2S Corp. and We Are Live Entertainment filed a $525,000 lawsuit against Boosie Badazz for inciting a brawl during the Atlanta stop of the Legend of the Streetz Tour. The lawsuit claimed Boosie was booked for a total of $150,000 for five performances and even received a $50,000 deposit before the first show.

The Baton Rouge native wasn’t too happy with what he thought was false information and let several outlets feel his wrath in a one-minute video uploaded to Twitter on Wednesday (December 15). According to Boosie, these outlets are doing horrible reporting.

“Now, I’ve been sending TMZ my videos off my page and my pics all morning and they refuse to post them,” Boosie began his rant. “You know, these sites sad, dog. Only for negative. TheShadeRoom post my shit and try to put their tag over it and cover up the gun! Put a fucking arrow pointing at me, but not a arrow pointing at the gun! They did not post the videos off my page; only post me acting erratic!”

“So this is how we going to do it,” Boosie continued. “Fuck TheShadeRoom! Don’t post me on y’all site, bitches. Straight up, fuck y’all. TMZ, when I get off the airplane in California, you are not allowed to come ask me anything or it’s gon’ be a fucking brawl.

“Don’t ask me nothing. You are not allowed to approach me. Anybody from TMZ, you are not allowed to approach me anymore. TheShadeRoom, don’t post me, man. Save the fucking posts, man. Straight up, y’all bitches. Suck my dick.”

The Atlanta brawl occurred when Boosie Badazz was performing and a man fought someone else on stage. Boosie and his entourage caused major damage to the production equipment and the venue, resulting in promoters banning him from the tour. Boosie hurled a $20 million lawsuit alleging a gun was allowed in the arena.

Boosie Badazz Wants 10 Figures From Atlanta Arena Following Recent Arrest

Boosie seems to be upset about a lot these days, especially the new singing challenge that’s been heating up on social media. People are taking part in the #CanWeTalk challenge, where fans sing their best rendition of Tevin Campbell’s hit single of the same name. Boosie isn’t trying to hear all these singers, and he left a video on his social media earlier this week expressing his feelings over the viral trend.

“Y’all done fucked up one of my favorite songs, man!” Boosie screamed. “I don’t even like that muthafucker no more. Let that man voice rest in peace, man … Y’all fucking that song up. That’s a classic, y’all need to shut the fuck up. Y’all sound bad, y’all need to go gargle.”


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