Rick Ross has put a lot of promotion behind his new album Richer Than I Ever Been, plastering the project on giant billboards and armored trucks across the country. Judging by the first week sales projections, however, Rozay’s latest effort has failed to generate the usual bawse-level buzz — and fans of his longtime rival 50 Cent have taken notice.

According to HITS Daily Double, Richer Than I Ever Been — which dropped on December 10 — is expected to move 30,000 album-equivalent units in its opening week, good for a No. 20 debut on the Billboard 200.

If that forecast holds up, Richer Than I Ever Been will mark the lowest-selling and lowest-charting album of Rick Ross’ career. Previously, that title belonged to 2015’s Black Market, which landed at No. 6 after managing just 65,000 first-week copies — a far cry from the MMG mogul’s 218,000 peak with 2012’s God Forgives, I Don’t.

Fans of 50 Cent were quick to clown Rick Ross for his tepid sales projections, especially after the Miami native ridiculed 50 for his alleged earnings from his BMF STARZ series in a recent interview with GQ. “I know he made $250K off the whole season, and that’s good,” Ross taunted. “Tell him I said, ‘Congratulations.’”

50’s fans fired back by questioning how the Biggest Bawse can poke fun at Curtis’ quarter-million TV bag when the Biggest Bawse is on pace to sell just 30,000 copies of his new album.

“Officer @RickRoss is bragging about @50cent’s show’s generated revenue yet his album sales were only 30k!! He needs 50’s reply for clout. Police officer acting like a gangsta,” one fan tweeted, while another said, “50 made more off BMF season 1 than this double plastic album.”

This isn’t the first time Rick Ross’ album sales have been ridiculed by team 50. Curtis Jackson himself clowned Rozay back in 2015 over Black Market‘s low sales projections, interrupting a This Is 50 interview to ask, “Black Market, Def Jam, 34,000. Is that a rock or a brick?” while suggesting Ross bought 15,000 of those copies.

Rick Ross threw more shade at 50 Cent in his recent GQ interview by belittling his STARZ TV empire (“What channel is it really?”) and dismissing him as “light” competition in a Verzuz battle.

Rick Ross Taunts 50 Cent Over 'BMF' Earnings: 'Tell Him I Said Congratulations'

“You got to ask yourself would he come and do a Verzuz with Rozay,” he said. “I mean, you got to ask yourself honestly, would he come and stand next to Rozay in the arena or wherever it would be? That’s really your question. I don’t even think it’s a question of if I would do it. That shit light.”

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