Bow Wow made a name for himself as a young superstar in Hip Hop that had all the teenagers going wild for him. Some may say he’s a legend in his own right as he became a staple on BET with their younger audience, and now wants his recognition.

On Tuesday (December 14), Bow Wow hopped on Twitter to answer a few fan questions when he revealed he wants to be recognized for all that he’s done in Hip Hop. A fan asked Bow Wow whether he deserves to be held in high regard, and the rapper wasted no time explaining that he should.

“You think you deserve to be in the Hall of Fame?,” The fan wrote which led Bow Wow to respond with, “Absolutely. BET should honor me next year at the Hip Hop awards. I don’t want them to wait til I’m 44 years old. Plus I’ll be the youngest artist in history to get that award ever.”

Another fan agreed Bow Wow should be recognized for his accomplishments but didn’t feel the time was right. Bow Wow disagreed and told the fan to check his résumé.

“Go look up my stats and see what I’ve done my whole career,” he said. “And you tell me why it can’t be sooner.”

More fans disagreed with Bow Wow, feeling that other artists deserve their recognition before him, but he wasn’t trying to hear that. After all, his nickname was “Mr. 106 & Park” for his dominance on the daily music video countdown show.

“Not at BET! That’s my house,” Bow Wow tweeted. “They had to create a show after me and named me after that ma***** we had labels calling them like I need Bow Wow treatment. I ran a network before I work there. BET stands for BOW ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION. Hell you thought.”

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The title of “Mr. 106 & Park” came after Bow Wow was the first artist to have a video retired on the hit countdown show. He would then find himself hosting the show in 2012 until its final run in 2014.

Even if Bow Wow doesn’t get recognition from BET, there are other platforms that have given him his flowers. Swizz Beatz and Timbaland had Bow Wow take on another 2000s legend in Soulja Boy in June.