It’s not uncommon for rappers to pen their own autobiography at some point in their decorated careers. Rick Ross, Gucci Mane and DMX are just a few that have put their life’s story into a book, and it looks like Bobby Shmurda is looking to be one of the next to do so.

The Brooklyn native took to Twitter Monday night (December 13) to express his excitement about starting his autobiography and bragged about how lit the first page already was.

“I Just Started Writing My Autobiography & My First Page More Lit Than Yo Daddy’s Daddy Whole Life #Shmurda #DontPlayWithThatBoy,” he wrote.

At just 27 years old, Shmurda’s story is far from over and there’s no indication when he plans to finish the book and release it to the public. One portion that will probably be a major chapter in the autobiography will be the recording of his 2014 breakout hit “Hot N-gga,” which Bobby Shmurda recently revealed was recorded in just an hour for a studio session and cost $20 to make.

Bobby Shmurda Reveals ‘Hot N-gga’ Was Recorded In 1 Hour – & Cost Just $20 To Make

“Too many people got a DREAM that they never chased, then go through life and be angry they never tried,” Bobby Shmurda wrote. “let me remind y’all ‘Hot N-gga’ took 20$ for 1 hour of studio time in the hood to create and that 1 hour of FOCUS changed my life and everyone around me FORVER #shmurda.”

Since regaining his freedom after more than six years behind bars in February, the “Hot N-gga” rapper has released a handful of singles, but his anticipated post-prison album is finally expected to arrive in 2022 via Epic Records. The 27-year-old’s most recent single arrived with “Splash” in November.