caught up with esteemed New York emcee Donny Goines, and world
class producer Dame Grease to discuss their upcoming projects and what
they have in store for real hip-hop heads.  

Donny Goines spoke on his recent
work on the studio and upcoming releases,
“Man, right now, I’m hard at work on the album. The album is titled
‘Minute After Midnight’, the title derives from the whole Cinderella
story. It really means don’t expect any fantasy rap [
The whole premise of Cinderella is that she had a magic pumpkin and
whatever, and all that fantasy shit, and after midnight all that disappeared.
So all of the fantasy rap, all the bullshit that’s saturating the
airwaves right now, all that’s disappearing and this album is just
me. Just speaking on whatever is out there. I mean I got Dame Grease,
executive producing the album, and I plan to initially do 50 to 60 tracks.
Also, I have a few J.R. Rotem tracks that I’ve been working on. Also,
I’ve been talking to a few labels and something should be in the works
in a couple of months. I got the ‘Excerpt Pg. 2’ coming out, that’s
supposed to drop early in the summer. I got
‘Off the Books: the West Coast Edition’ about to drop. I
actually am dropping an EP exclusive with HipHopDX entitled
‘The Non-Fiction EP’. Basically I’m just working really hard with
various projects, and towards mid-April I’m going to be releasing
a lot more music. Just make sure you grab
‘The Non-Fiction EP’ exclusively on HipHopDX.”

Donny Goines also had time
to share his thoughts on some producers on ‘The Non-Fiction EP’,
“All the producers on there, the contest essentially got me in touch
with them. I didn’t know any of them, but man, out of all the submissions,
I picked the best of the best. And believe me there’s a lot of good
talent out there. Quincy Tones, from London, you know. From the South,
DJ Primate, of PCP Muzik, out of Memphis, he kills the pads, I mean
we got Metro Beats out of Cali. As far as a favorite track, I’d probably
say ‘Held it Down’, Quincy Tones came through with the production,
and I like that one because it really speaks about things that I went
through in my career, that were really hard, and how I basically just
held it down. When you listen to it in full, you’ll understand, but
I just made a lot of songs about the present, past, and future. It’s
a great project period. Expect big things from these producers.

Dame Grease had a few words
on his upcoming projects, “ The album, Goon
Musik Vol. 1, is something classic, its just timeless. It’s funny
because a lot of people didn’t know I started out doing my Sour Diesel
stuff, and I mean the Goon Musik album is just coming out as a series.
It’s actually the exact opposite of what’s going on in hip-hop right
now. It’s the street music that started the game. I mean same as DMX’s
first album, its all Goon Musik. I return to the mic, but just to let
you know and to make it clear, I’m not rapping, I’m not spitting,
I got niggas that do that. I’m just a hood narrator. I’m just doing
what needs to be done, spitting that street slang.

Also, expect a mutha-fucking
movie, because there’s going to be a movie.”

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Reported by Jake Spilman