Foxy Brown had a very close relationship with JAY-Z in the mid-90s that saw them appear on each other’s records and more. Fans believed a romance was brewing between the two, but Foxy denied it every time it was brought up over the years.

The rumors started back up last week when Foxy Brown posted an Instagram throwback picture of herself and Hov embracing one another for his birthday on December 4. In the caption, Foxy thanked “Hovy” for the guidance back in the day.

“Thank You Hovy For all the G that you taught me So my PEN be STUPID,” she wrote in her IG Story.

Social media was quick to comment on the post and claimed Foxy was trying to spark something up. Eventually, fans began throwing JAY-Z’s wife Beyoncé into the mix, and Foxy Brown had to put a halt to all the chatter before it got out of hand.

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“And I love B,” the “I’ll Be” rapper wrote in another Instagram Story. “Hop off my dick.”

DreamDoll paid homage to one of JAY-Z and Foxy Brown’s classics when she freestyled over their “Ain’t No N-gga” collaboration for her “Collection Freestyle.”

DreamDoll Emulates Foxy Brown On JAY-Z ‘Ain’t No N*gga’ Freestyle

“Yeah, I know Mike, he got a lil’ dick/Almost let him fuck, I couldn’t feel his shit/Had to let him go, n-gga started catching feelings quick/The way I had him whipped, I could’ve opened up a dealership,” DreamDoll rapped on the freestyle similarly to Foxy Brown’s skills on the mic.