Hidden Hills, CA – Lil Wayne has been accused of pulling a gun on one of his own bodyguards during a dispute at his home, TMZ reports.

The security guard reportedly told police they got into a fight at the rapper’s Hidden Hills mansion in California. He claims the altercation started when Wayne accused him of taking photos and leaking them to the media, before being told to leave the house.

According to the bodyguard, Lil Wayne turned to physical violence while waving an assault rifle after he went to the bathroom instead of leaving immediately. He then left the property and went to the guard shack to call the police. By the time they arrived, Wayne had already left.

A source close to Wayne denies the incident happened and says he doesn’t even own a gun. Law enforcement sources say they have issues with the story due to the guard having no marks or injuries on his body from the alleged physical altercation.

Despite reporting the incident to the police, the guard apparently doesn’t want to press charges.

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Lil Wayne was previously facing up to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to a federal weapons charge, but was pardoned by outgoing president Donald Trump in January.

Authorities received an anonymous tip that Wayne was allegedly transporting drugs on his private jet in December 2019. Police searched his plane at Miami-Opa Locak Executive Airport, finding a gold-plated Remington 1911, .45-caliber handgun loaded with six rounds of ammunition and a bag containing small amounts of cocaine, ecstasy and oxycodone.

In August, Lil Wayne opened up about shooting himself in a suicide attempt when he was just 12 years old after his mom found out he was lying about his whereabouts.

“When I got home … I got a phone call from my aunt,” he explained. “She was like, ‘She found out. Boy, you ’bout to get your ass kicked. All that rapping, she ’bout to take that rap folder, she about to throw that shit away.’ So all that had built up [inside] me. “[I] hung up the phone, thoughts everywhere. Main thought was, ‘I’ma show you.’ So I picked up the phone, I called the police … I went into her bedroom, grabbed the gun and I already made the phone call.”

He continued, “Biggie’s [‘One More Chance’] was on … I was just looking [in the mirror] like, ‘You know what?’ Start thinking I had to get myself mad and I noticed that I didn’t have to — that’s what scared me. How I knew I had mental health problems was I pulled the trigger.”